August 07, 2023


1 Josephine Makres
3 Becca Powers
5 Hattie Powers
5 Henry Rainero
6 Jan Bruce
7 Tucker Couch
7 Katy Sikorski
7 Tariq Zaidi
10 Karen Tillison
11 Chad Couch
13 Scott Lamie
22 Farris Lamie
26 Janet Rainero


2 Leno Rainero
5 John Rainero
6 Veronica Taylor
10 Laura Fuller
13 Zac Bruton
14 Susan Mancabelli
15 Frank Goodpasture
15 Chet Sikorski
16 Ashley McLaughlin
16 Challen Walling
16 Christina Walling
17 Doug Mancabelli
18 Kim Day
19 Elaine Coleman
21 Ruth King
23 Bryan Young
23 Valerie Zochowski
24 Dustin Ashley
24 Sandra Rushing
26 Vaughn Bruton


2 Barrett Burton
2 Anita Makres
8 Frank Winston
9 Jane Rainero
9 Leno Rainero
10 Elliott Eisenhart
13 Brittany Bruton
16 Corey Lavinder
19 Kane Snyder
20 Julia Callahan
24 Stefanie Green
28 Charles Christ
28 Hollie Lavinder
29 Cherith Young
30 Evan Clark
31 Barbara Sue Kurre


9 Hilary Hurst
11 Nancy Wood
12 Harrison Lamie
14 Erbie Powers
15 Frank Goodpasture V
16 Fred Knickerbocker
16 Elayna Makres
17 Jacqueline Fuller
17 Ronnie Gentry
18 Rene' Rodgers
19 Marcia Stevens
21 Ann Oakley
25 Richard Horner
26 Victoria Zaidi
27 Jonathan Clark
30 Frances Combs


2 Denise Rowe
3 Mary Curtin
3 Rachel Morgan
3 Christina Zochowski
5 Kingsley Snyder
6 Martha Litton
7 Mary Beth Rainero
10 Linton Ellington
11 Robyn Kealey
14 Rory Shew
15 Thelma Blair
15 Robert Bruce
16 Chad Couch
22 Loretta Trayer
24 Mary Armstrong
24 Doris Hagey
24 Elizabeth Oakley
25 Kira Adams
30 Robert Rodgers
30 Matthew Wood
31 Michael Johnston

Wedding Anniversaries

August 07, 2023


1 Cathy & Rick Armstrong
4 Shawna & Brian Knickerbocker
5 Jan & Leno Rainero
10 Catherine & Scott Lamie
15 Sandra & Allen Rushing
17 Lark & Brad Adams
22 Judith & Craig Wylie
23 Tammy & Bob Hardee
23 Hollie & Matt Lavinder
31 Elaine & Ron Coleman


3 Jan & Bob Bruce
4 Becca & Ed Powers
9 Jackie & Eric Everett
11 Ann & Greg Oakley
12 Jo Anne & Tom Hairston
14 Megan & Jon Clark
22 Hilary & Ron Hurst
27 Moseley & Cody Snyder
30 Karen & Dean Tillison


1 Monica & Daniel Shew
2 Lisa & Doug Mitchell
3 Mary & Tommy Curtin


9 Valerie & Dave Zochowski
11 Martha Gardner & Harry Wells


12 Annette Perkins & Michael Johnston
16 Stephanie & Chris Yoder
23 Vikki & David Bettis
28 Jane & Tim Haer
31 Tina & Ed Hitt
31 Shauna Nefos & Michael Webb

Prayer Requests

June 05, 2023

Ruby, Walt, Wayne, Mike, Charlie, Larry, Roland, Sharon, Shelly, Jackie, Connie, Tim, Mary Beth, Mary, Cynthia, Crystal, and Dean.

Miscellaneous Notices

June 15, 2023

Parish Office
You may contact the Parish Office by calling (276) 669-9488 or emailing Office hours are Monday–Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Emmanuel Nursery
The nursery is open on Sunday starting at 9:00 a.m. for children age 3 and under. If at 11:00 a.m. there are no children, the nursery will close.

Altar Flowers
Do you need a way to recognize a birthday, or anniversary? Would you like to give a memorial, recognize a special occasion, or give thanks to God for His blessings? Why not do so by sponsoring altar flowers? The cost is $100 per Sunday and after Sunday services you may share the flowers with a friend, a sick or shut-in parishioner, or enjoy them in your home. For more information, contact the Parish Office (276-669-9488) or

Pastoral Support
If you are in need of pastoral support, please contact the rector directly or by contacting the Parish Office (276-669-9488) or

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is in need of several substitute drivers the first Wednesday of each month. If you are willing to assist, please contact the Parish Office (276-669-9488) or

Rector Search

June 12, 2023

Greetings Emmanuel Community,

The Rector Search Committee has been working hard since its appointment by the vestry, and we want to provide the parish with an update on our work and what has been accomplished thus far. The committee first met soon after the parish leadership retreat in February. Under the leadership of committee chair Shauna Nefos-Webb, information was gathered through surveys and a series of listening sessions. This information, which supplemented the work done at the leadership retreat by a cross-section of parishioners who identified core values and codified Emmanuel’s vision and mission, was used by the committee to inform and guide the committee.

Canon Jonathan Harris, diocesan transition officer responsible for managing clergy changes within the diocese, traveled to Emmanuel to meet with the Search Committee on March 8. Canon Harris led the group in discussing the process in detail. The committee then began its work to identify and agree upon tasks needing to be accomplished and to set goals with target completion dates. Significant work went into writing and formatting Emmanuel’s Parish Profile, a comprehensive marketing document to inform potentially interested priests about Emmanuel. The committee also provided detailed information to complete the Office of Transition Ministries (OTM) Worshipping Community Profile that is posted only for clergy access. Each of these documents was submitted for review and approval by the vestry and the diocese. Approvals were given prior to publication in April. In addition to being mailed and electronically disseminated to potentially interested clergy, the Parish Profile is posted on Emmanuel’s website at Besides the usual efforts by the diocesan office to publicize open clergy positions, Emmanuel is also actively promoting the position via the Episcopal News Service and other national church resources. The committee also reviewed Emmanuel’s website for needed updates and developed its own list of potential candidates to whom recruiting materials were directly mailed.

Once all of these preparatory steps for recruiting and identifying a priest well-suited to be called as Emmanuel’s next rector were completed, the committee then began to focus on the candidate interview process. Fr. Tom met with the committee in May to provide detailed guidance on interview techniques. He suggested topics and ways to structure questions for effective and productive interviews and gave examples of questions to be anticipated from candidates. An interview outline and questions were developed. The committee completed a mock interview with a priest in the diocese who volunteered to do the practice session with us via Zoom, which Canon Harris assisted in organizing.

The proscribed process directs all interested candidates to submit application materials through Canon Harris’ office. The committee is reviewing applicant information as it is received from Canon Harris, and we have begun initial candidate interviews via Zoom. Next steps will be to invite suitable candidates to Bristol for more in depth discussion and to get acquainted with the candidate and their family informally before submitting a recommendation to vestry for final approval. Though the timing for a final decision is yet unknown, we want everyone to know that much work is being accomplished and that we are making excellent progress toward the calling Emmanuel’s next rector.

Your questions are welcomed; please feel free to call or email Shauna Nefos Webb.

Respectfully submitted,

Members of the Rector Search Committee: Shauna Nefos-Webb, chair, Mary Armstrong, Sharon Eisenhart, Seth Graham, Bob Hardee, Mark Morgan, John Rainero, Tom Rogers, Chris Yoder, Audrey Zaidi, and Valerie Zochowski

Wednesday Noon Service

November 29, 2021

Join us every Wednesday at 12:15 for Holy Eucharist in the Bledsoe Chapel. The Bledsoe Chapel is located down the hall from the Parish Office.