April 01, 2019

April 2019

4 Kitty Pitini
5 Bill Marburg
7 Daniel Shew
8 Rick Armstrong
8 Anne Stuart
8 Anne Tickle
9 Susan McCall
11 Amelia Jarrard
11 Anne Neese
15 Lisa Mitchell
15 Mark Morgan
16 Justin Carson
18 Judith Mandler
20 Nat Copenhaver
28 Bob Hardee
28 Tineke Marburg
28 Jeremy McLaughlin
30 Cooper Harmon

May 2019

1 Jon Harden
2 Spike Tickle
4 Ann Christ
7 William King
8 Seth Graham
8 Jo Anne Hairston
8 Doug Harmon
10 Jim Woodrum
11 Peter Combs
11 Heather Eisenhart
12 Harper Slaughter
13 Johnny Fuller
14 Tracey Godsey
18 Nathan Jones
19 Paige Powers
20 Brady Goodpasture
20 Chris Mallin
20 Julie Slagle
21 Mimi Knickerbocker
23 Ed Hitt
25 David Bieger
26 Ford Sikorski
27 Pierce Elliott
27 Shirley Haer
27 Susan McLean
27 Linda Riley
27 Michael Webb
31 Steve Green

Wedding Anniversaries

April 01, 2019

April 2019

2 Veronica & Jack Taylor
11 Fran & Jim McGlothlin
22 Cher & Bryan Young
23 Joyce & Robert Rodgers
28 Matt & Nancy Wood

May Anniversaries

3 Paige & John Terry
8 Candie & Chris Horner
16 Julie & Jon Slagle
17 Janet & Larry Jayne
25 Nell & Dan Bieger

Prayer Requests

April 01, 2019

Paull Anderson, Kingston Baker, Ruby Barber, Diane Bedwell, Gary Bedwell, Grayson Bedwell, Lilly Bedwell, Shelby, Doug, Carol Biegler, Eda Brink, Barbara Bunn, Cindy, Charlie Callahan, Ben Crenshaw, Horace Crenshaw, Willie Crumley, Ivy Daniels, Micah Deyton, Marty Eisenhart, Cindy Freeman, Temple Goodman, Jim Green, John Hagey, June Hallums, Devin Williams Hancock, Nedra Hartley, Bertha Holloman, Hilary Hurst, Michael Johnston, Joe Kurre, Amber McLeroy, Landon McNew, George Miller, Nona Morgan, Rob Morrell, Beth Neal, Jud Powers, Jack Presnell, Jan Ransom (June Hallum’s brother), Jan Ransom (June Hallum’s niece), Rick Rimer, Lois Ring, Joyce Rodgers, Robert Rodgers, Denise Rowe, Norma Shew, Sharon Slaughter, Anne Stuart, Sarfraz Zaidi

Miscellaneous Notices

October 01, 2017

The Messenger
The monthly parish newsletter, The Messenger, may be viewed online at Submissions for print must be received the by the second Friday of each month for publication in the upcoming month's newsletter.

Parish Office
You may contact the Parish Office by calling (276) 669-9488 or emailing Office hours are Monday–Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Emmanuel Nursery
The Emmanuel Nursery will be open 9:30 am to noon each Sunday. We ask that there be no new checks-ins after 10:45 am. If no children are checked in prior to 10:45 am, the nursery will close.

Rector’s Discretionary Fund
All loose plate offerings collected on the Second and Third Sunday of each month will be designated to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. If you would like to support this fund at another time during the month, please write a check with a notation in the memo field, “Rector’s Discretionary Fund”.

Altar Flowers
Do you need a way to recognize a birthday, or anniversary? Would you like to give a memorial, recognize a special occasion, or give thanks to God for His blessings? Why not do so by sponsoring altar flowers? The cost is $50 per Sunday and after Sunday services you may share the flowers with a friend, a sick or shut-in parishioner, or enjoy them in your home. The sign-up sheet is in the Parish Hall on the red information station. For more information, contact the Parish Office (276-669-9488).

Pastoral Support
If you are in need of pastoral support, please contact the rector directly or by calling the Parish Office.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is in need of several substitute drivers the first Wednesday of each month. If you are willing to assist, please contact the Parish Office.

Attention Kroger Shoppers
Remember to keep using your Kroger cards. Emmanuel gets 5% of all sales back and it assists the Ladies of Emmanuel to continue their ministry. See Jan Bruce, Tina Hitt, Linda Riley, or any other member of LOE if you want a card and more detailed information.

Wednesday Noon Service

January 01, 2015

Join us every Wednesday at 12:15 for Holy Eucharist in the Bledsoe Chapel. The Bledsoe Chapel is located down the hall from the Parish Office.