Prayer Requests

February 01, 2021

Andy Almaguer, Ruby Barber, Shelby, Doug, Joe Bell, Ben Crenshaw, Willie Crumley, Micah Deyton, Mark Foster, Harry Gardner, Ben Glass, Bill Godsey, Ben Hallums, June Hallums, Nedra Hartley, Emorie Harty, Hilary Hurst, Wendy Jekabsons, Michael Johnston, Martha Khlopin, Mary Mann, Fernie Moore, William Oakes, Mary Outland, Wayne Outland, Henry Phillips, Dorothy Porter, Jud Powers, Lynn Powers, Jan Ransom, Rick Rimer, Joyce Rodgers, Robert Rodgers, Denise Rowe, Michelle Sadler, Norma Shew, Leo Sifflet, Mark Christopher Stacy, Mary Catherine Stacy, Anne Stuart, Kay Wyatt, Madi Weaver, Martha Wells, Shelly


February 01, 2021

February 2021

3 Greg Oakley
3 Ed Powers
3 Nat Powers
4 Holston Knickerbocker
8 Briana Knickerbocker
8 Catherine Lamie
9 Taylor Bettis
9 Dean Tillison
11 Alethia Haynes
12 Daniel Bieger
13 Jane Bachman
14 Aly Fuller
15 Sara Beth Versteegen
17 Briana Hardee
18 Hagan Oakley
20 Allen Rushing
25 Chris Horner
25 Paco Webb
26 Ronan King
26 Carl Moore
26 John Tickle
28 June Hallums
28 Larry Kiser
28 Lana Lavinder
29 Fran McGlothlin

March 2021

1 Alex Bowen
3 Sadie Harden
3 Wilson Young
5 Lauren Zochowski
6 Lynn Couch
6 Sherri Hopkins
6 Paige Terry
7 Tammy Hardee
7 Gavin Lamie
8 Bruce Bowen
8 Tim Haer
8 Judy Mitchell
9 Josie Tickle
11 Austin Carr
12 Paul Pratt
13 Adilyn Jones
13 Judith Wylie
16 Mike Riley
18 David Bettis
19 Shauna Nefos- Webb
20 Peggy Horner
20 Harry Gardner
22 Larry Jayne
24 Prent Hallenbeck
26 Lark Adams
27 Candy Snodgrass
28 Barbara Walling
31 Bree Adams
31 Jackie Everett

Wedding Anniversaries

February 01, 2021

February 2021

9 Beth & Tom Rogers
12 Ann & John Tickle
19 Christine & Larry Kuhnert
20 Liz & Leno Rainero
28 Janice & Larry Kiser

March 2021


Miscellaneous Notices

June 25, 2020

Parish Office
You may contact the Parish Office by calling (276) 669-9488 or emailing Office hours are Monday–Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Emmanuel Nursery
During the COVID 19 pandemic, for the safety of our children, the nursery is unavailable.

Rector’s Discretionary Fund
All loose plate offerings collected on the Second and Third Sunday of each month will be designated to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. If you would like to support this fund at another time during the month, please write a check with a notation in the memo field, “Rector’s Discretionary Fund”.

Altar Flowers
Do you need a way to recognize a birthday, or anniversary? Would you like to give a memorial, recognize a special occasion, or give thanks to God for His blessings? Why not do so by sponsoring altar flowers? The cost is $50 per Sunday and after Sunday services you may share the flowers with a friend, a sick or shut-in parishioner, or enjoy them in your home. The sign-up sheet is in the Parish Hall on the red information station. For more information, contact the Parish Office (276-669-9488).

Pastoral Support
If you are in need of pastoral support, please contact the rector directly or by calling the Parish Office.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is in need of several substitute drivers the first Wednesday of each month. If you are willing to assist, please contact the Parish Office.

Letter from the Bishop regarding COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Letter from Bishop Bourlakas regarding COVID-19

Wednesday Noon Service

January 01, 2015

Join us every Wednesday at 12:15 for Holy Eucharist in the Bledsoe Chapel. The Bledsoe Chapel is located down the hall from the Parish Office.