Wedding Anniversaries

April 01, 2024




11 Fran and Jim McGlothlin
22 Cher and Bryan Young
28 Nancy and Matt Wood


17 Janet and Larry Jayne
25 Nell and Dan Bieger


6 Lisa and Spike Tickle
9 Kim and Tom Day
14 Rachel and Mark Morgan
15 Jackie and John Ed Fuller
19 Barbara and Challen Walling


3 Ann and Charlie Christ
7 Susan and Fred Knickerbocker
10 Ashley and Jeremy McLaughlin
12 Sue and Doug Mancabelli
14 Brittany and Zac Bruton
17 Peggy and Richard Horner
17 Jerry Green and Daniel Gardner Gardner
18 Sharon and Heather Eisenhart
24 Maggie and Steve Green
28 Mary Beth and Charlie Joe Rainero


1 Cathy and Richard Armstrong
4 Shawna and Brian Knickerbocker
5 Jan and Leno Rainero
10 Catherine and Scott Lamie
12 Aimee and Michael Haslam
15 Sandra and Allen Rushing
17 Lark and Brad Adams
22 Judith and Craig Wylie
23 Tammy and Bob Hardee
23 Hollie and Matt Lavinder
31 Elaine and Ron Coleman


3 Jan and Bob Bruce
4 Becca and Ed Powers
9 Jackie and Eric Everett
11 Ann and Greg Oakley
12 Jo Anne and Tom Hairston
14 Megan and Jon Clark
22 Hilary and Ron Hurst
23 Katie and Kyla Duncan
27 Moseley and Cody Snyder
30 Karen and Dean Tillison


2 Lisa and Doug Mitchell
3 Mary and Tommy Curtin


Wedding Anniversaries
9 Valerie and Dave Zochowski
11 Martha Wells and Harry Gardner


12 Annette Perkins and Michael Johnston Perkins
16 Stephanie and Chris Yoder
20 Anne and Raymond Davis
23 Victoria and David Bettis
31 Tina and Ed Hitt
31 Shauna Nefos Webb and Michael Webb