Wedding Anniversaries

July 01, 2018


3 Ann and Charlie Christ, Sharon and Heather Eisenhart
7 Susan and Fred Knickerbocker
10 Jeff and Kim Heath, Ashley and Jeremy McLaughlin
17 Peggy and Richard Horner
24 Maggie and Steve Green
28 Mary Beth and Charlie Joe Rainero


1 Cathy and Rick Armstrong, Elaine and Greg Coleman
5 Jan and Leno Rainero
15 Sandra and Allen Rushing
17 Lark and Brad Adams
22 Judith and Craig Wylie
23 Elaine and Tom Griffin, Tammy and Bob Hardee, Hollie and Matt Lavinder
27 Caroline and Travis Sullins
28 Claire and George Miller
30 Julia and John Rainero


3 Jan and Bob Bruce
4 Becca and Ed Powers, Jud and Lynn Powers
8 Eddye and Austin Carr
9 Jackie and Eric Everett
11 Ann and Greg Oakley
12 Joanne and Toom Hairston
14 Megan and Jonathan Clark
20 Mimi and Brian Sullivan
22 Hilary and Ron Hurst
27 Moseley and Cody Snyder
28 Fran and Peter Combs
28 Tracey and Doug Harmon, Susan and Nick McLean
30 Karen and Dean Tillison